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Rentals (대여)

Renting The Studio HBC

The Studio is available for rental for performances, video and/or audio recordings, meetings, social gatherings, rehearsals, and more. Please contact us at: for pricing.

The Studio also has music equipment available for rental.

Studio Equipment:

- Blackstar 100w cabinet, with Peavey Classic 50w head

- Marshall 100w solid state combo amp

- (soon) Fender Rumble 500w bass amp combo

- Laney 160w bass amp

-Helix 40w tube amp

- Marshall 50w solid stat amp

- 2x ESP 2,500w subs

- 4x JBL PRX715 speakers (for monitoring or reinforcement)

- 2x 300w PA speakers

- 2x 200w side-filler PA speakers

- Peace drum set with custom bass drum

- house cymbals

- Soundcraft UI16 wireless mixer

- Yamaha board mixer

- 12-channel Behringer board mixer

- 4 power amps

- various house instruments

- 4x shure SM58 microphones

- 2x shure Beta87 microphones

- Pioneer XDR DJ board

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